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The easiest way for you to support our society is by buying tickets to our shows throughout the year. But if you are wishing to instantly donate you can do so by clicking the link below!

The Fundraising Team

Robert Massa-Sanders - Team Leader

Clare Devine

Claire Hoyland

Naomi Mothersille

Sophie Massa-Sanders

If you have any exciting fundraising ideas please reach out to one of the team! Or email

Why are we needing to Fundraise?

As a society, the financial position we find ourselves in is an extremely tough one. Costs continue to rise and we need support from our members and supporters if we are to continue to put on the shows that we know and love. So, for our 50th year, we will be hosting fundraisers throughout the year! We want the future of our society to be safe and successful and we are in desperate need of your help! 

Although the current situation we find ourselves in is bleak, we intend to have a great time throughout the year putting on entertaining events! So we urge you to join us and help us raise some much needed money for LIDOS. A Society that has given us all so much joy throughout our lives.

Battle of the Bands

A 'School of Rock' Fundraiser!

Saturday 6th April - 7.00pm til late - Queens Hall LS17 6LE

Ever wanted to be up on stage performing in your very own Rock Band?!

Well now is your chance! We would love to encourage all our members, past and present (aged 18+) to join us for what will be a truly FUN & HILARIOUS evening of LIVE music!

Why will it be HILARIOUS?! Well..... the talent on the stage will have only had 1 or 2 lessons on the instrument they are playing!!!

Now it goes without saying that no previous musical experience is required in order to take part in this event. Just the ability to have a good laugh and throw yourself into something that is... well... utterly bonkers!

How it works?

You can sign up with a group of people if you already have your Band Mates on standby! Or you can sign up as a SOLO musician and we will find you a band to be a part of. You will receive a slot with your band the week before the show where Rob will teach you your song. You will also get a practice on the day of the event.

You will need to name your band and if you really want to you could style your band and make a poster!

Rob does teach primary school children to do this for a living! So if you're wondering will this work? YES it will!! Will it be the most perfect musical performance of all time? Maybe not! But will you have a laugh, and surprise yourself with how much you can achieve in a short time? Absolutely!

Now, as a Fundraising Team we are not going to just leave it to you all to do! We will be throwing ourselves in the deep end too! So you can guarantee a debut performance from the sensational, newly formed band, the "FUN-Raisers!"

Nim - Drums

Sophie - Guitar

Clare D - Keys

Claire H - Bass

Rob - Lead Singer

You can watch us learning a song, in real time, below if you wish to get an idea of how this will all work!

Get yourselves signed up for what will be an unforgettable night! If you have any questions reach out to any of the fundraising team!

Deadline for signing up to take part is the 1st of March! All participants must be 18+ due to safeguarding reasons.

All participants will also be required to purchase a ticket to the event.

funraisers 2.png

The Fun Raisers - Demo Rehearsal

This video gives an example of how achievable taking part in the event will be. For context, we have left the rehearsal un edited to give a true representation of how quickly you can learn something.

Complete with our performance in the second video.

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