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LIDOS 50th Anniversary Concert Huddersfield Town Hall
Saturday 28th September

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Organised by the LIDOS 50th Anniversary Concert Team!

Robert Massa-Sanders
Donna Wells
Emma Tempest
Clare Devine
Claire Hoyland
Naomi Mothersille
Sophie Massa-Sanders

We are putting on a celebratory concert at Huddersfield Town Hall on Saturday the 28th September and we want you to be involved.


To take part you just need to have been involved in at least one LIDOS show over the past 50 years in any capacity. We strongly welcome members who haven’t been in a LIDOS show for many years, or have moved away, to come back and join us for this concert.

What is the show?


The show will be a ‘one night only’ musical concert celebrating lots of LIDOS memories over the past 50 years, from musicals to cabarets to pantomimes! We want to get together as many people as possible to create a ‘LIDOS Chorus’ who will fill the Town Hall with fabulous harmonies, accompanied by our spectacular orchestra!


Those that are wishing to be part of the ‘LIDOS Chorus’ simply have to sign up before the 1st February! There is no audition necessary to be a part of the LIDOS Chorus, you just need to have been a LIDOS member at some point over the last 50 years.


The rehearsals for the LIDOS Chorus will take place during July, August and September, but will also be accompanied by online videos to help you learn your part if you can not attend in person. We want this show to be easy to be involved with, and we appreciate many of our previous members can not commit to lots of rehearsals. For this reason we are making sure being part of the LIDOS Chorus is as low commitment as possible.


On the day of the concert, you will be required from 12pm onwards for a rehearsal with the orchestra and then the concert. Further details will be shared closer to the concert date.

Additional Opportunities

There will be some additional opportunities available in our show. Please see below some opportunities for our adults, children and tech team.

Featured Vocalist

We will be featuring individual singers throughout the concert in solo/small group numbers. If you wish to be a ‘featured vocalist’ you will need to submit a video audition of you singing a song of your choice by the 1st of March 2024. Your audition should not be any longer than 90 seconds.


If you are successful as a featured vocalist you will be required to attend a few extra rehearsals to learn your song and may be required to learn some choreography (depending on the song). You will be given good notice of when these rehearsals will be and we will strive to work around any pre booked holidays you have.

All featured vocalists will be required to also be a part of the LIDOS Chorus.


Upload Your Video Audition Here....

All video auditions should be no longer than 90 seconds long - feel free to start half way through a song if that shows your voice off best

Please make sure your voice is louder than the backing track so we can hear you

We appreciate a video audition could be technically daunting for some of our members. If you need any additional technical support for the video audition do not hesitate to reach out to one of the team or email


Our youngsters are an integral part of our society and we’d love to have them involved in our concert. All children involved will be required to attend a few in person rehearsals during July, August & September. Exact dates of the rehearsals will be confirmed later in the year, but we appreciate there will be family holidays booked for the school holidays. Please just let us know your availability so we can try to plan accordingly.

Tech Team

If you are one of our dedicated Tech Team and you would like to get involved with our show please email

Unless you would like to join our on-stage cast instead!


Why Huddersfield Town Hall?

We want to put on an event that allows EVERYONE that has ever been in a LIDOS Show to take part in our concert.

Because of this we need a stage that can hold all those fabulous cast members wishing to take part, along with our orchestra! We also hope, that as it is a 'one night only' concert, we will have a large audience attending to come and celebrate with us!

Show Fee

Putting on such a spectacular event involves a lot of costs for our society. Due to this there will be a show fee of £15 required to take part in the show.


There will not be any additional membership fees.


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