'Supertown' is going to NODA!

supertown 1.jpg

Following the success of its world premiere in September, LIDOS has been asked to perform an abridged version of 'Supertown the Musical' at the annual NODA conference in Bridlington this year! This is an incredible opportunity for LIDOS, and everybody involved in the production is working incredibly hard at getting the show ready for its two performances on Saturday 25th April in Bridlington. This is set to be a fun and exciting weekend for all members who are attending! The cast are enjoying tasting treats from 'The Great Supertown Bake-Off' during rehearsals, for which cast members are going head-to-head to see who puts the Super in the Supertown Bake-off!

To see what this fantastic new musical is doing after NODA (including its adventure to the Edinburgh Fringe 2015!) visit: http://www.supertownthemusical.com


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